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Until now, the only way you could ever reach this many people was if you spent a fortune on pay per click marketing, and, even then, there is no guarantee that people will actually respond to your offers.

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Rake in MASSIVE PROFITS from Facebook

Facebook is now the single largest site on the net - according to CNN, it now gets more traffic than Google! It's a site that has over 500 million users, of which 50% are daily users.

  1. More than 400 million active users
  2. More than 60 million status update posted each day
  3. More 35 million users update their status every day
  4. More than 3 billion photos uploaded to the site each month
  5. More than 5 billion pieces of content shared each week
  6. More than 3 million active pages

Savvy internet marketers are using Facebook to rake in MASSIVE PROFITS ... every single day!

Facebook is probably the most viral website on the planet. It's users love to connect and share with each other, but, until now, it was difficult to tap into the massive lake of Facebook users.

Facebook is a website with enormous potential to Internet Marketers and online business owners... one that if you are not using then you are missing out an incredible earning potential!

Creating a Facebook Fanpage, and designing it to take advantage of the viral scripts that the Facebook provides for free, was time-consuming and difficult - unless you were a techno-geek.


Tap into the targeted traffic power of Facebook

Now, you can take advantage of the targeted traffic power of Facebook to flood your own sites, piggybacking off the hundreds of millions of Facebook users every day and funnelling them exactly where you need them ... on your websites, and in your opt-in list.

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FB LIKE BOOSTER is a new cutting-edge viral script that turns your boring Fan Page into a list building powerhouse.

By making it simple to integrate all the powerful viral components of Facebook into one simple-to-install script, it literally encourages your FANs to

  • LIKE your pages
  • SHARE your page with their friends and fans
  • SUBSCRIBE to your opt-in list
  • Set up your own fan page for maximum impact upon your new fans
  • Make your fan page even more attractive to your fans and even more useful
  • Set up a lead capture form on your fan page!
  • Display offers to your fans and encourage them to buy
  • Use your fan page to boost your income
  • Promote your fan page for a steady stream of fans following you
  • And much more!

FB LIKE BOOSTER turns any Fan Page into a list building powerhouse.

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Want More Fans, Likes, and Opt-ins?

More Fans, More Likes, More Opt-ins means More Traffic

Who WOULDN'T want that?
Facebook has over 500 MILLION users and now gets MORE TRAFFIC than Google.
Who WOULDN'T want a share of that?

A Facebook fan page allows you to become an authority in your chosen niche. You will be able to create a facebook fan page that will generate a fan base that follow your every word and respect you as a marketer.

It's a great opportunity to tap into a massive, vibrant marketplace full of potential customers and buyers.

You can keep in contact with your existing customers, build a buzz about product launch and market products and offers to a group of people who have specifically expressed an interest in you.

If you want to take your business to the next level and to establish yourself as an authority and dominate your niche then you need to create a Facebook fan page.

FB LIKE BOOSTER will guide you through this process and show you exactly how to set up your page and promote it so that fans come flooding in to your site.

You'll also learn how to promote your fan page so that you can get highly targeted visitors to the site quickly and easily.

There is nothing else available that will give you this insight into the dominate force in social networking. As the web changes to become more and more interactive, social networking sites such as Facebook will become much more important.

This is your opportunity to join in the social networking revolution and establish yourself as a major player in the market place.

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FB LIKE BOOSTER makes it SIMPLE to Harness the Power of Facebook's Free Built-in Viral Scripts

  • No special programming skills required
  • Simple & very easy
  • No extra investment needed
  • Just follow our tips and you can do it yourself

This toll is about showing you simple ways and techniques that will enable you to have a successful Facebook and making money from it.

No secret is going to be revealed. No gold pot will fall from the sky like magic. You’ll have to do some work, but if you follow our tips and techniques, you’ll get results.

How much can you earn? No figures can be promised, everything depends on your dedication and work: few dollars a month to several thousands a week!

No special skills are required. Everything is presented in a way that the most average Facebook user can easily set up!

And yes, we're making a lot of money from Facebook. So, how did we do it? That’s what this script is about, to present you the very simple ways to transform Facebook in a good income.

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Everything explained as simple as possible, showing: how and final outcome. See a preview of some pages:

how facebook viral booster work

FB LIKE BOOSTER Has A Customizable Opt-in Form That Works With Any Autoresponder

fbviralbooster opt in form

FB LIKE BOOSTER Has a Customizable Buttons That You Can Link To Any Website or Offer

Change the colours, change the text, link to any website or offer - customize the buttons however you want.

fblikebooster customizable buttons

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FB LIKE BOOSTER Harnesses the Viral Power of Facebook in One simple to use, Easily Customizable Script

If you're serious about your online business, you know that you need traffic to your websites and offers.

Facebook is now the biggest source of Internet traffic ... even bigger than Google ... so doesn't it make sense to siphon off your share of that traffic?

Give your business a VIRAL BOOST with FB LIKE BOOSTER today!

Tap into the most profitable marketplace online ... over 500 million active users!

"FB LIKE BOOSTER is like a Facebook marketing expert standing beside you, intelligently optimize your Facebook Fanpage for maximum impact upon your new fans”

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